King Charles wanted to get rid of royal life? ‘Very unpopular!’ – SUCH TV

King Charles reportedly had major intentions to quit royal life after the press began its crusade against him.

Royal author and biographer Gareth Russell issued this claim in a recent interview with Kinsey Schofield on the To Di For Daily podcast.

“She [the Queen Mother] did, at one point, get a whisper that Prince Charles was considering going to live in Italy in the early Nineties because he was really struggling with the press. He was very unpopular at that point.”

“And he was considering going to live in Tuscany for most of the year. And the Queen Mother, who never spoke about Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, invited Charles to dinner and she all of a sudden started talking about his great uncle and his great aunt.”

“And the way she phrased it, it became very clear to Charles that she was telling him: ‘Do not leave this country.’ The Queen Mother never went in a straight line. She kind of wove in her point.”

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