Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral to be a ‘spectacular’ event for Britain

Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on September 8, 2022, will have a state funeral in London today, September 19, 2022, and a royal expert has said that the event is sure to be unlike anything seen in Britain before.

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch passed away after prolonged health and mobility issues, with Britons mourning her loss for the last ten days, and millions waiting in a historic queue to pay their respects to her coffin as it lies in state at Westminster Hall.

Talking about the expectations from the Queen’s state funeral, the first in Britain since that of Winston Churchills in 1965, Jonathan Sacerdoti claimed that it could even surpass the 1997 funeral of Princess Diana.

“The funeral will be I think, be spectacular and enormous and deservedly so. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II deserves a large and very respectful, well-attended state funeral,” Sacerdoti said, as per Express UK.

He added: “I think that we won’t have seen anything like it because it hasn’t happened for so long. And state funerals are big affairs at the best of times, but even those that we could remember during our lifetimes, are nothing in comparison to what I think we’re going to see for the Queen.”

“She was a giant, not just of our time but of all time. She was the longest serving Monarch and that makes her not just important historically, but also iconic… I think that she’s become the most photographed and portrayed woman in the world, possibly ever.”

“And it’s impossible that we shouldn’t have this opportunity to pay our respects and to honour her service. Britain also does these events so well, especially royal ones – we’ve seen many royal weddings over the years and they are spectacular and perfectly organised. This is almost immeasurably more important insofar as it’s more unique,” Sacerdoti added. 

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