What Is Gastrointestinal Tuberculosis? Know Its Symptoms 

When it comes to tuberculosis, many believe it can only affect our lungs. But TB can occur in other parts of the body. When TB occurs outside the lungs, it is called extrapulmonary TB and one of these is gastrointestinal tuberculosis. It occurs in the peritoneum and lymph of the stomach. Gastrointestinal tuberculosis causes infection of mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The number of gastrointestinal tuberculosis patients in India is 5-9 per cent of the total TB patients. It is the second most common intestinal disease in India after typhoid fever. Diabetes and HIV-positive patients have the highest risk of getting this disease.

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Let’s take a look at 5 symptoms of gastrointestinal tuberculosis:

Weight loss

People suffering from gastrointestinal tuberculosis or abdominal TB face issues in digesting food. When the digestive system is disrupted, it becomes difficult to get the desired amount of nutrients and vitamins from the food. Due to this, the body starts getting weak, leading to weight loss.

Persistent mild fever

Persistent mild fever can also be a symptom of gastrointestinal tuberculosis. In this, the patient’s temperature starts to increase rapidly, and they start sweating.

Changes in eating habits

Gastrointestinal tuberculosis can highly affect eating habits. Due to this, the patient may have to face a sudden decrease in appetite.

Abdominal cramps

Very sharp cramps in the stomach are a clear symptom of gastrointestinal tuberculosis. It should not be ignored. Cramps can occur intermittently but can also sometimes be felt as sharp pain around the umbilical area.

Diarrhoea and vomiting

One in every three people suffering from gastrointestinal tuberculosis shows symptoms of diarrhoea, suggest reports. Vomiting and nausea are also major symptoms of gastrointestinal tuberculosis. Due to a poor digestive system, you may feel like vomiting after eating food or even after drinking water.

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