WATCH: Reporter bursts into laughter as elephant tickles him

Screengrab shows Kenyan reporter, Alvin Kaunda, bursting into laughter as elephant Kindani tickles him. — Instagram

Considered to be not just mighty and powerful but also adorable animals, elephants are one of the most loved animals in the world. They are known for their exceptional intelligence and sensitivity. They understand emotions which makes them truly heartwarming. 

A video that recently went viral shows these qualities of elephants. The clip features a baby elephant and a Kenyan reporter, Alvin Kaunda sharing an adorable moment where the elephant tickles the reporter.

As the reporter speaks of wildlife trust, standing with several elephants, one of them showers love onto the man and uses its trunk to stroke his back. 

Kaunda professionally continues speaking to the camera while the elephant plays. However, the not-so-little baby elephant soon puts its trunk above the man’s head and brings it to his nose after which he bursts out laughing.

Kaunda, reporting for KBC television, was covering the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based organization working for the “rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned baby elephants”.

The Trust shared the video on their social media saying that Kindani, the elephant, was “inspired by Alvin’s performance”.

“… she decided to steal her own moment in the spotlight,” the caption read, thanking the KBC journalist for his professionalism. 

Social media users were impressed by the reporter too. “He held it together for so long,” one said. “Magic!” said another.

“To be fair he did so much better than I ever could have,” chimed in a third.

“How did he go so long without laughing!”

Many users expressed love for the animals, saying that the video made their whole day.

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