Nickelback ‘surprised’ over the response of their newly released album

Nickelback ‘surprised’ over the response of their newly released album

Nickelback is reflecting on their journey spanning over two decades.

Recently, Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake from Nickelback sat down for a joint Zoom interview with People Magazine to talk about their new album, Get Rollin’ that released November 18, 2022.

On the release of their rock single, San Quentin, in September, the bandmates shared that they were surprised by the response the album is getting.

“Everyone was like, ‘Nickelback’s gone heavy,'” Peake recalled with a laugh. “We’re like, ‘Go back and listen to the old stuff!’ They’re going to be pleasantly surprised.”

Nickelback has been known for its hard rock sound mixed with grunge. Their lyrics are purposeful with a grit.

“There’s been a lot of positivity lately,” says Kroeger, 48. “It feels like there’s been a bit of a softening on the band, if you will.”

Peake, 49, agreed that they’ve seen “some of the teeth coming out of the sentiment about the band.”

“It’s been an interesting journey,” he said. “People are starting to realise, ‘We’ve always said [these things about the band], but why? This doesn’t make sense.'”

“I love that there’s a younger generation of people that didn’t grow up in the birth of the internet and the iPhone, when everybody had an opinion about something,” he continued. “But as bumpy of a ride as it has been, it’s something that’s kept us in conversation.”

The inception of the band happened when the two musicians began playing in bars and clubs together in their hometown of Hanna, Alberta in the early 1990s. They played as the cover band Village Idiot with Kroeger’s brother Mike Kroeger and cousin Brandon Kroeger (who stopped playing with them in 1997), detailed the outlet.

By 1999, the band had renamed itself Nickelback and had Ryan Vikedal playing on drums.

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