Carey Mulligan says movie ‘She Said’ thanks ‘courageous women’ who stood up to Harvey Weinstein

Carey Mulligan says movie ‘She Said’ thanks ‘courageous women’ who stood up to Harvey Weinstein

Carey Mulligan is keen on portraying roles that shed light on bigger, meaningful issues.

Mulligan was interviewed in the latest instalment of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, the Oscar-nominated actress talked about her new movie She Said, which was premiered on Friday, November 18, 2022.

Mulligan and Zoe Kazan portray New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor, who broke the infamous Harvey Weinstein story that he had been sexually assaulting women for decades, via People.

About the movie, Mulligan shared her take on how the original article was received. “I think what the film does so brilliantly is, you know, there was so much written about Harvey Weinstein… the focus seemed to be a lot on what the ramifications would be of that article,” she said of the response at the time.

She added, “But I think what I really didn’t appreciate… was who were the women who made this happen. Because this story has been chased for years by reporters; lots and lots of incredibly capable, talented journalists had tried to run their story. And it ended up being that it was Megan Twohey and Jody Kantor who got the story on the record.”

Mulligan credited the accusers who were willing to go on the record, “Ashley Judd, Zelda Perkins, Laura Madden, these incredibly courageous women came forward and kind of put everything on the line. And I feel like the film is a kind of moment to thank them. It’s really about courage. It’s about female courage and I think it puts their, sort of, heroism front and centre.”

When asked what compelled her to take up the role, the actress, 37, shared that it is important to continue the conversation.

“It’s one of the biggest issues that we face as women from the day we are born and from being little girls and teenagers,” said Mulligan.

“We’ve talked about this a lot, Zoe Kazan and I, in the last couple of weeks promoting [She Said]. She said that you are kind of brought up in a society where you are taught to sort of be on the back foot or to be on the defence and that you need to arm yourself to what might happen. And I think it’s important to try and put out into the world: This is the reality for women all over the world.”

She added, “This has always been the case for our mothers and our grandmothers. And you know, this is a conversation that needs to continue.”

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