Four signs you are about to burn out, according to a psychologist

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A popular British clinical psychologist has revealed four major signs of a person heading towards burnout.

According to WebMD, burnout is a type of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling overwhelmed. 

“It is a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress,” the experts at the site explained. As per the outlet, it is usually associated with work and professional life.

Dr Julie Smith, who has millions of followers on social media, with over four million on TikTok alone, shares content on mental health and recently revealed signs and symptoms of burnout.

Dr Smith who also posts content on Instagram and YouTube, said: “Burnout is when stress becomes chronic and has a detrimental effect on other areas in your life.”

She explained that all people “get overworked” and exhausted but burnout is more than simple tiredness, adding that the main feature of burnout was chronicity.

Following are the signs of burnout:

Inability to sleep

The inability to sleep despite emotional and physical exhaustion and spending a productive day could mean that you have burnout.

The length of sleep and the quality, both can be affected. The lack of sleep can further lead to exhaustion, trapping the victim in a vicious cycle. It can also be frustrating to want to sleep but be unable to, adding to the pressure and mental health issues.

“You feel tired, but wired and can’t sleep at night,” Dr Smith said in her video.

Frequent arguments and isolation

Another major symptom “is disconnection from the people around you,” the psychologist said. “You might be arguing more with your partner or your friends,” she added.

Burnout causes so much pressure that it leads to a loss of threshold and patience. Little things might trigger an emotional reaction in you leading to problems in your relationships as well as at work. This could lead to isolation and feeling like no one understands you.

Procrastinating little tasks

While many people might suffer from the bad habit of procrastination, those with burnout delay even the easiest and smallest tasks like washing their face, oiling their hair, brushing their teeth, or putting something away in the refrigerator.

The delaying of tasks might also affect the relationships of those around you. People might label you lazy and be annoyed with the lack of collaboration, among other things. 

“You’re procrastinating more than ever, and putting off even the smallest of tasks because they now feel overwhelming,” Dr Smith said.

Putting yourself last

A major sign of a healthy person is that they prioritise themselves when it comes to caring for health. However, if you have burnout, taking care of yourself can become a burden. 

“Self-care goes out the window,” the expert explained. While a healthy and content person would continue steps to care for themselves, a burned-out person might skip breakfasts, not “feel like” walking, taking a shower, taking their medications, and other things.

“You may notice your performance at work is going down, while you feel you are working harder than ever, you may also start feeling disconnected with loved ones and struggle to get along as well as you normally do,” the clinical psychologist added.

If you find yourself relating to these signs and symptoms, consult a professional who can rightly diagnose the issue and help you cope.

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