Meghan Trainor says success of ‘Made You Look’ is ‘more than’ she ‘can ever ask for’

Meghan Trainor says success of ‘Made You Look’ ‘more than’ she ‘can ever ask for’

Meghan Trainor (even with her hoodie on) will make one replay her latest single Made You Look.

During her recent red carpet appearance at the American Music Awards 2022, Trainor talked to Entertainment Tonight about the new single.

“It’s more than I can ever ask for,” Trainor told ET about the viral hit. “Everything I write I’m like ‘Yo, TikTok’s gonna eat this up,’ like I truly um am focused on like, my fans on TikTok.”

According to Billboard, just one week after Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated album, Midnights, was released, Rihanna made her comeback, releasing her single after six years for Wakanda Forever. Around the same time, Trainor made her comeback with her latest single, Made You Look, which is her biggest solo radio hit since 2018.

Trainor also mentioned to ET that she discovered a new side of the video-sharing app after she became a mom. “But I also noticed that there’s a lot of moms out there, I’m a new mama. So, I’m like, ‘oh, I didn’t even know this whole world existed. So, I just have a lot more friends on TikTok and like, that’s my home and I’m writing for TikTok.”

The singer is mom to her one-year-old Riley, whom she shares with husband, Daryl Sabara.

When asked if she had any advice for her fellow mamas, it was to keep showing grace.

“Just try to be easy on yourself,” she advised. “The mom guilt can eat you alive. And that almost happened to me, but I worked really hard on forgiveness.”

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