WATCH: South Korea’s road safety hack for smartphone addicts

A video of South Korean hack that protects smartphone addicts from getting involved in a road accident without having to take their eyes off their phone’s screen is going viral.

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The viral video was shared on the social media application Twitter by the President of the Dempo Sports Club Shrinivas Dempo. It showed pedestrians walking as the red and green traffic lights on the pavements lit.

“Sign of the times: Traffic signals move down to the road level at this crossing in Seoul so that people they call Smombies (smartphone-obsessed zombies) can safely cross the roads while using their smartphones,” the tweet read. 

Trung Phan had originally posted the clip. He said the South Korean government also “implemented an alert system that sends a notification to phones if walkers are about to step into traffic.”

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It is part of the South Korean government’s measures to tackle accidents happening at zebra crossings. It alerts smombies, who keep staring at their mobile phone screens while crossing the streets.

An Indian news agency reported that the government has installed 1200 pavement-traffic lights around 25 districts of South Korea’s capital Seoul.


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