Ashley Benson shares the physical side effects of her mental health struggles

Ashley Benson recently got candid about the physical side effects of her mental health issues.

On November 24, Ashely Benson shared a TikTok video where she exposed her almost bare body and showed the anxiety-inducing rashes on it.

According to Daily Mail, Ashely showed her welt-covered skin in the eight-second-long clip.

The Pretty Little Liars actress soundtracked the video with the song Overwhelmed by music artist Royal & the Serpent.  

The lyrics said, “I get overwhelmed so easily / my anxiety / creeps inside of me / makes it hard to breathe.”

The 32-year-old actress captioned the clip, “My anxiety takes over my whole body.” 

Ashely’s platinum blonde hair was visible in the snippet along with the dainty gold necklace with the name Hazel plated in tiny letters, a tribute to her toddler niece.

The red rashes were quite prominent on the entertainer’s light skin as she filmed herself from nose down.

Many of her followers commented on the video, one user on the platform wrote, “Thanks for sharing this. It’s relatable,” a second person chimed in, “Literally same.”

Another person wrote, “same dude! and I thought I was allergic to coffee but it was just anxiety.”

Although she did not discuss about what causes her anxiety, Ashley re-posted a different TikTok video on the same day on Instagram and wrote, “Who else struggles w bad anxiety and panic attacks???”

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