Sharman Joshi reveals why he wasn’t a part of ‘Golmaal’ franchise after the first film

Sharman Joshi was replaced with Shreyas Talpade after the first part

Sharman Joshi reveals why he wasn’t a part of the Golmaal franchise after the first film, says it was due to the miscommunication of his management team. 

Sharman stated: “My management team was not communicating too well. And money was, of course, the factor. They were seeing a price, which the producers were not very comfortable with. I was not aware that this was going on.”

“By the time, I got to know, I approached them. Both my manager and me had an understanding that once I like a script, money should never be the criteria for which we do not end up doing a film. He was doing a great job otherwise, this was just one such project, which happened to not work out with his best intentions. So we continue to work together but this was one thing that unfortunately did not work out.”

When asked whether he is going to be a part of the next installment or not, he replied: “Yeah, I am hoping abhi next wale mein main rahoonga. More the merrier, Laxman hi hai na, bahut saare Laxman rehenge, teesra main rahoonga.”

The 3 idiots actor said that he begged Rohit Shetty that he would like to be a part of the next installment. But Rohit’s reply left him ambiguous.

“I begged and pleaded. I said, please. No, no, I am joking. I did request him that I wanted to be a part of the next one. And he just said ‘yeah, yeah’. That is where it was left at ambiguous ‘yeah, yeah’. So I don’t know whether I actually be a part of it.”

As per IndiaToday, rumors had it that both Sharman Joshi and Rohit Shetty were not on talking terms. But recently, the duo did an ad together putting an end the rumours.

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