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The likes of Ali Sethi, Shae Gill, Abdul Hannan, Maanu, Talal Qureshi, Young Stunners, and Hasan Raheem among others reigned supreme on this year’s Spotify Wrapped.

Popular music-streaming service Spotify on November 30 introduced the Spotify Wrapped service which would give the listener an annual recap of all the music for its 2022 edition. The new service was available from Wednesday onwards for Spotify users on Android and iOS. This let the users know their top artists, songs and genres.

Among new features, Spotify Wrapped 2022 lets the user look at the top artists from Pakistan and around the globe from the year. Custom messages from over 40,000 artists including local artists will be played back to top fans through Spotify Wrapped.

The music-steaming app has also created 16 different types of listening personalities for users who will be able to see which of these personalities they fall in.

Pakistanis have been reacting to their favouite artists since the feature dropped. Here are our best picks:

Outright denial is kinda our thing

Us moment!

Where’s the lie

Swifties, gather around!

Yes, please, thank you!

How to get your Spotify Wrapped 2022 card? It’s fairly simple. Get Spotify’s latest version updated on Android or iOS. Open the app, and check out your top artists and more right away.

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