Dr Asad Majeed appointed foreign secretary

A file photo of Dr Asad Majeed Khan. — Courtesy Pakistan Embassy Washington

The government has appointed Dr Asad Majeed as the new foreign secretary, the Foreign Office (FO) confirmed Friday.

The Establishment Division has issued a notification of the appointment.

He is currently posted as Pakistan’s ambassador to Belgium, the European Union and Luxembourg.

Dr Majeed is a grade-22 officer of the Foreign Services of Pakistan.

Jauhar Saleem had been serving as the acting foreign secretary as the FO could not finalise and agree on a name for a permanent foreign secretary.

Earlier, the highest authority had summoned Ambassador Dr Asad Majeed from Brussels and he reached Islamabad on Wednesday in anticipation of being nominated the new foreign secretary.

Confusion and indecision at the FO over naming a new foreign secretary started after the audio leaks in which former prime minister Imran Khan allegedly talked about a diplomatic cypher sent by Dr Majeed when he was ambassador in the United States, The News had reported.

“Yes this was one reason. There was apprehensions at the Foreign Office if the government orders an inquiry into the cypher incident, Ambassador Asad Majeed would not be able to give full attention to his duties but rather would spend time attending meetings of the inquiry,“ an official source had told The News.

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