‘I am not a vampire’ Shehzad Roy lightheartedly replies to ‘you haven’t changed’ tweet

Shehzad Roy clarifies he isn’t a vampire 

Shehzad Roy is one of the best singers Pakistani music industry was ever blessed with. His songs are still everyone’s favorites and he is undoubtedly one of the most treasured artists of Pakistan. He is often discussed among the social media community for not aging, and he finally took to his twitter to reply savagely to one of those tweets.

Husham Ahmed tweeted a picture of himself with Shehzad Roy and wrote, ‘Between this and now, I have gotten bald, grown old and have now a recurring backache. And you haven’t changed sir. What is this sorcery!’

To which Shehzad replied, ‘I am 44 years old, most people at 44 look like this and I am not a vampire because they are pain in the neck. Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional.’

Someone from Shehzad’s school in the comments section shared a picture of himself with the legendary singer and wrote, ‘We went to Same class, same school. I think you’re lucky to have a full head of hair. I am also slightly older then you wonder why. Although growing both old and up. Good to see you buddy.’

Shehzad is truly an evergreen singer and a human. 

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