Kate Middleton’s US visit exposes Meghan Markel?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix show’s first trailer has been released at the same time when the Prince and Princess of Wales are winning the hearts of Americans.

Meghan’s new bombshell seems to be an attempt to overshadow Kate Middleton and Prince William’s US trip. Some royal experts and fans have expressed their anger over the move.

Some alleged that Meghan’s hidden intentions about the royal family have come out, while others see it as a latest onslaught on the monarchy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped the first trailer of their much-awaited Netflix docuseries, showing their private photos. The 72-second trailer, according to royal commentators, and experts, were allegedly released to overshadow William and Kate’s visit to the States.

However, a large number of Americans have warmly welcomed Kate and William. They even waited in the rain to see their favourite royals.

William and Kate kicked off their visit to America on Wednesday under the cloud of a fresh racism row after his godmother quit the royal household for repeatedly asking a Black British woman where she was “really” from.

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