Vicky Kaushal call his wife Katrina ‘spectacular dancer’

Vicky Kaushal call his wife Katrina ‘spectacular dancer’

Vicky Kaushal called his wife Katrina Kaif a ‘spectacular dancer’ and said that she always guided him about dancing skills.

In the latest interview with Indian Express, the 34-year-old actor said that she has a lot of Knowledge about dancing and she always gave him ‘specific and constructive feedback’ when it comes to dancing.

Vicky said that “whenever I would rehearse, I’d go back home and show her the video of the rehearsal. Actually she comes up with… she’s not like, ‘yeh acchha hai, yeh buraa hai (this is good, this is bad)’. She’s a spectacular dancer and she also has a lot of knowledge about dancing in cinema so she has very specific feedback to give.”

Vicky further said, “She knows how it comes across to camera, what to do and not to do. So, I’d take a lot of guidance from her and she’d actually help me a lot. She gives very constructive feedback, ask me to put strength in it, take your chin up… She knows a lot about lighting… I regularly show her my rehearsal videos and she’s given me a lot of input, that always happens,”He added.

Bollywood star is currently busy with the promotions of upcoming film Govinda Naam Mera with Kiara Advani which is all set to release in December 16, 2022.

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