Justin Bieber is selling his ‘publishing interest, recording revenue’ for 0 million: Sources

Justin Bieber is selling his ‘publishing interest, recording revenue’ for $200 million: Sources

Rumour has it that Justin Bieber may be looking to cut a deal for his music.

According to website Hits Daily Double, there was speculation that there was a deal out for Bieber’s music rights. As per sources close to the artist the Ghost singer is close to finalising a deal worth $200 million.

Announcing the news, PopCrave revealed that not only Bieber, but Katy Perry might also be looking to sell publishing/recording share.

“Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have reportedly been shopping deals to sell their publishing interest and recording revenue,” the tweet read. “Bieber’s deal is about to close for a possible $200M, while Katy’s publishing/recording share is valued at $80M-100M.”

According to website about small business called, Chron. explained Music Publishing Revenue Streams.

“Music publishing is the business of getting people to pay for the right to use music. A revenue stream is a way that income is generated. A songwriter shares copyright ownership with a publisher, letting the publisher license that songwriter’s music for use by broadcasters, recording artists and producers worldwide.”

According to HDD, there’s no confirmation yet as to who will cutting the big check to Bieber and team. The outlet shared that the pact is due to close imminently. Bieber has amassed 13m in U.S. activity to date, earning more than 17 billion streams and selling 50m tracks (note that he’s much bigger globally).

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