See Here: Man sets fire to Buckingham Palace gates

A man has just set fire to the gates of Buckingham Palace according to clips catching him in the act.

The report has even gone viral after a clip of the entire incident was caught on camera.

The footage in question showcases the man setting the front gates of King Charles’ castle on fire.

No later did the flames started to erupt did two policemen tackle the 30-year-old down, in an attempt to restrain him.

See Here: Man sets fire to Buckingham Palace gates

No later than did the metropolitan police issue a statement regarding the incident and reveal, “Shortly after 22.08hrs on Tuesday, 20 December, a 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage after a small fire was seen near the Buckingham Palace gates.”

“The man has been taken into custody. The fire has been extinguished.”

According to findings by The Sun, the man’s motives for starting the fire in question are still unclear. 

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