Bull gores man to death, horrific video goes viral

A disturbing video of a man getting gored to death in India is going viral on the social media application Twitter.

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Twitter user Sweta Gupta shared the viral video. It showed the animal approaching the man, identified as 62-year-old Mahesh Chand, and attacking him multiple times in Rajasthan’s Kota city. 

The animal went away after a bystander pelted stones at it.


His son Raghuveer, speaking with the media, said his father tried to save himself from the attack after falling but failed. He said his father caught the horns but the animal picked him up and tossed him at several distances. 

According to him, the bull’s horns pierced his father’s face and his left eye came out of the socket. He died due to a severe head injury. 

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It is not the first time people have died or suffered a life-threatening stray bull attack. 

A recent video of a stray bull in the Indian capital Delhi hitting and tossing a policeman in the air went viral.

The cop was crossing a road when the bull came from the other side. The bull suddenly turned violent and attacked the cop from behind, tossing him into the air.

The incident was recorded on a CCTV camera installed nearby.

The cop, identified as Gyan Singh, was shortly moved to a hospital.


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