Hasan Raheem drops vibey debut album ‘Nautanki’  | The Express Tribune

Staying true to his promise, Hasan Raheem has finally dropped his debut album Nautanki and fans are thrilled to see their favourite singer come out of his cocoon.

The 9-track ensemble features a bunch of vibey tracks filled with love, drama and angst. Its title track, Nautanki, juxtaposes a bunch of jazzy and pop elements and makes a case for impromptu music that renders one confused and amused.

The album also features a track titled Peanut Butter, which is a quintessential Hasan Raheem love song. It assures his dream girl, who’s also the peanut to his butter, that all his songs are for her, before moving onto deliver a catchy verse, followed by an elaborate pre-chorus with a bunch of hums and hoos. The song finishes with a bang and makes the most of Hasan’s ability to enthrall listeners with his bassy vocals.

Other songs from the album include Kaleji, Dibs, Fursat, Dil Fareb, IDK, Tareekhi and Accusations.

Announcing the album on his Instagram, Hasan has shared a post reading, “Oops! Nautanki Hogayee. Go check out my fresh album across all platforms now!” He captioned this post writing, “Nautanki kar raha tha, Mujpar hi Nautanki hogai. (I was performing, yet I got played).”

The Joona singer had been teasing his fans for quite some time with reels featuring tunes from his then upcoming album. Hailing from the mountains of Gilgit, Hasan Raheem became the first Pakistani singer to feature in the Spotify RADAR program, that connects people to rising artists from across the globe. He was also featured on the Times Square billboard for his accomplishment recently.

Spotify also released a clip in which Hasan discusses his musical journey which he ventured into while pursuing a degree in medicine.

Go listen to Nautanki on Spotify!

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