Man served instant karma after kicking horse, video goes viral

A video of a horse kicking a man in the abdomen after being kicked went viral on the social media application Twitter.

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The viral video on Twitter showed the man trying to tame a horse while holding its reins. He kicked the animal.

The horse kicked him in the abdomen in return.

Animals such as horses, dogs, elephants and different birds are compassionate toward humans. However, people can face severe consequences if trying to harm them.

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A recent video of a ruthless man getting instant karma after beating up a donkey made the rounds.

The poor animal who had been subjected to torture gave a lesson to the man. In the viral video, the man was seen harnessing, kicking and slapping the donkey multiple times in its face.

Later, the donkey caught hold of his leg and did not let go. It swirled the man around and dragged him into the mud.

The video was shared by Shakti Kapoor on Instagram with the caption ‘Jaisi karni waisi bharni (as you sow, so shall you reap.)’


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