Middlesex upbeat about joining Pakistan Super League

Players of the Middlesex County Cricket Team celebrate on the cricket pitch. — Middlesex Cricket website

Talks regarding the participation of England’s Middlesex County Cricket Club in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) are underway between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the club.

The negotiations, according to The Cricketer, between the parties have gone without any hiccups, and more negotiations are on the table.

Andrew Cornish, the Middlesex CEO, told The Cricketer, “the PCB are interested in including overseas domestic teams in the PSL and we have held talks with them. Those talks have been very positive and we expect them to continue in the coming weeks.”

Middlesex is not expected to compete in the upcoming eighth edition of the PSL, which is scheduled to kick off on February 13.

However, as a show of commitment, it is likely that a squad will be sent on a brief pre-season warm-up trip.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is aware of the talks and has no fundamental objections.

The PSL timing often favours English teams, and the fact that Middlesex’s players are paid should lessen the need for significant additional financing.

However, the ECB would still be required to pay for the accommodation and transport of a sizable number of players and support personnel abroad for a period of about six weeks.

It is anticipated that Middlesex’s women’s team, youth sides, and disabled team will all get playing opportunities during the trip.

It is worth mentioning here that Middlesex won’t likely have to pay anything to join the PSL, unlike other teams who had to pay millions to do so.

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